CRYORIG C7 - Techanic
CRYORIG C7 - Techanic
CRYORIG C7 - Techanic
CRYORIG C7 - Techanic
CRYORIG C7 - Techanic
CRYORIG C7 - Techanic

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Model C7
Type Fan & Heatsinks
Color Black
Compatibility Intel 1151/1150/1155/1156
AMD AM2/AM2+ AM3/AM3+ (LGA2011 Not Supported, AM4 support requires additional AM4 kit )
Fan Size 92mm
RPM 600 ~ 2500 RPM �10 %
Air Flow 40.5 CFM
Noise Level 30 dBA
Radiator Dimensions L92 mm x W92 mm x H15 mm
Radiator Material Aluminum & Copper
Bearing Type HPLN
Heatsink Dimensions L97 mm x W97 mm x H47 mm
Heatsink Material Aluminum & Copper
Bearing Type HPLN
Power Connector 4 Pin
Package Contents 1 92mm PWM Fan, Mounting Kit, Product Registration Card, CRYORIG Installation Tool, Cryopaste, Manual
Warranty 6 (Max 6yrs after product registration, defualt 3 yrs)
Dimensions L92 mm x W92 mm x H15 mm
Weight 357g (With fan)
295g (without fan)







25% Cooler Than Stock Harnessing the Power Of Heatpipe Technology

Thanks to CRYORIG proprietary manufacturing processes the CRYORIG C7 comes packed with a staggering total of 4 high performance copper heatpipes. CRYORIG heatpipe tech allows the C7 to be 25% cooler while being 20% quieter than a reference stock heatsink, while being the same size.




Shorter is Better, 47mm Tall, One Size Fits All

The CRYORIG C7 was designed to be a solution for all cases and PC systems. With a height of 47mm fan included, the C7 fits into almost all aftermarket cases, while packing cooling tech only found on full sized tower coolers. Small yet powerful.




Zero Interference A Cooler That Fits Anywhere

The CRYORIG C7 has a specifically designed width and length that safely complies with the CPU * Keep Out Zone . The C7 is a guaranteed fit, with no RAM or PCI-E card interference period.
*The CPU Keep Out Zone is a design guideline set by both Intel™ and AMD. It is set around the CPU, and dictates no components over a certain height can be placed there.



Quad Air Inlet™ System Adding Extra Air Extending Performance

A super compact cooler like the C7, needs as much cooling tech as possible. The C7’s 92mm fan features CRYORIG’s proprietary Quad Air Inlet™ System that allows for extra air intake from the four corners of the frame, more airflow more cool.


Built In Absorbers Low Noise Low Maintenance

The C7’s proprietary 92mm fan comes with built in Acoustic Vibration Absorbers. The same found on the award winning R1 series ultra high-end dual tower cooler. By insulating the fan and metal fins, it effectively eliminates all unnecessary vibration.


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